Is a Third Installment of the Lock Tourmaline Mystery Series Being Written?

          I have typed a complete outline of a third installment of the Lock Tourmaline mystery series. It has a working title of Murdering the Buddha. My goal is to take these characters out of the New Jersey/Hawaii settings and open them up to the larger world. I am also interested in resolving the issue of Lock’s involvement with the criminal element, while at the same time priding himself on his ethical and moral worldview.

          The last line of Sleeping to Death was meant to provide a springboard into Murdering the Buddha. I am interested in introducing new characters to interact with the existing ones, so that this is not just a rehash of what has come before. I want to take Lock Tourmaline and the others to the next level, if possible.

          The term “murdering the Buddha” is a concept that essentially means that we should not deify those who give us spiritual insight, but instead take what we can from their teachings and move forward. The teacher should not become an impediment to implementing what is taught.


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