Who is Your Favorite Character in the Lock Tourmaline Mystery Series?

          I have been asked a number of times who my favorite character is in the Lock Tourmaline Mystery Series. Without hesitation, my answer is April. That might seem unusual, especially because she is a fairly minor character in the first novel, Point and Shoot. However, that is the reason she is a major character in the second novel, Sleeping to Death.

          I find her intriguing on a number of levels. First and foremost, she is living in an immoral world filled with criminals and abusers, yet she does not succumb to their violent and dark worldview. Somehow, she maintains an inner balance and positive outlook under extremely inhumane and difficult circumstances.

          Second, her love for Grandfather is an example of seeing beyond the outer layer and really understanding what’s inside a person. They’re as different as two people could be, not just in terms of age and background, but also the fact that he is a martial arts master and she is involved in an alternative lifestyle. The idea that the two of them could find one another and produce a family is both unlikely and somehow inevitable. I found her to be the most compelling character to write.


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