Point and Shoot – Why is there a Second Edition?

          Point and Shoot was originally published on February 23, 2006. It was always meant to be the first in a mystery series in which Lock Tourmaline would be the protagonist. The idea was to create a gritty, compelling series of murder mysteries that would take place in authentic locations in New Jersey; deal with the flawed personal lives of the main players; and delve into the intricacies of the internal and external martial arts.

          I was very satisfied with the first edition as it was published. However, after writing the second installment, Sleeping to Death (published on November 26, 2014), it became clear that the two novels did not flow well together. Simply put, I had developed as a writer in the intervening ten years, and I felt that I could improve on Point and Shoot. While normally a writer does not go back and redo his own published work, this was meant to be a series. Therefore, the first installment needed to flow well into the second (and presumably, will flow into the third, fourth and so on). I spent a year redrafting Point and Shoot.

          I feel that the two novels really do go together. Other than the fact that there is a jump of four years from the first to the second, there really could have been compiled as one large book. I hope you agree.

Click here to buy the revised second edition of Point and Shoot on Amazon now. 


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